Trade Shows in the hotel and travel industry

The main purpose of exhibiting in the hotel and travel industry is to help both potential customers and the sellers of services (tour operators, hotels) to learn about all existing offers on the market, and in addition to help the later to find partners, especially in other countries and regions. Advertising at such trade shows by means of exhibition displays includes information about prices, booking conditions, seasonality, provides description of hotels, services, ect.


Attendants at trade shows in the hotel and travel industry try to achieve the following goals:

-  To promote products and services – exhibiting gives an opportunity to showcase a large number of goods and services produced by the company. Attendees can get acquainted with visual materials about tours and hotels (videos, catalogs, brochures, etc.). For new products and services a trade show is a great place to learn the demand and introduce them to the international market.

-  To study the market – exhibitors can sound out the demand for most goods and services, to clarify markets, identify new international markets. Trade shows, especially international ones, attract representatives of hotels and tour operators, entrepreneurs, sales agents from all around the world.

-  To advertise goods and services. A trade show is a perfect place to meet with media, businessmen, experts, heads of various international, state and private organizations and businesses.

-  To sell products and services. An exhibition allows attendants to conclude contracts as well as partnership and cooperation agreements. For example, in the hotel and travel trade shows participants try to conclude contracts for purchasing of wholesale tours, hotel accommodations, flight services, ect.

-  To learn about competitors’ offers. It is probably the easiest way to do it here, at a trade show. You have a chance to meet and talk with your competitors directly. A neutral territory, which is provided by a trade show, has a great importance here. Exhibiting for travel companies can be seen as a promising activity to enhance partnerships. A large number of attendants and visitors at annual events of this kind prove their value to the success of travel and hotel business.

Looking for A Hospitality Show?

The 2016 National Association of Concessionaires(NAC) & Hospitality Expo is expected to draw record numbers of visitors from across the globe. The event will be held July 19-22 at the Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel(centrally located in Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota). This is a first, for Minneapolis with the NAC convention, adding the event to a long list of prestigious activities recently hosted by the city.


Why the Twin Cities?:

(It is not the small town event)
Sometimes there are second rate home shows, where the locals get together and try to gather their list of leads for the next year. While unsuspecting , potential phone-call and email “hit-list victims”, tote around their free yard sticks and mementos, eating stale popcorn and sipping watered-down soft-drinks, the feeling of “why do we do this” keeps flashing through the minds of all who are there.

(It is a world-renowned Spectacular annual occurrence)
This is the “A” list of many of the top corporations on the planet. It was literally too big to be hosted by a city with only one name-thus “The Twin Cities.” Medium sized corporations attend this event in hopes that they will gain credibility and exposure just by being around these industry giants.

What To Expect:

Only the best of the best, as usual, from a group of industry leaders so diverse it leaves first time attendees wondering how so many top companies are able to gather in one place at one time. As far as refreshments…well these are those favorite brands sitting in the pantry and refrigerator.

Those Who have Built It:

The NAC was founded in 1944 and the Trade Show, which is part of the Expo, will bring together top companies from the recreation, leisure time, and public assembly facilities. The food and beverage and hospitality concession industry will be represented at the Expo by virtually all of the largest and most successful corporate brands from across the globe. The National Association of Concessionaires is the actual trade association for the industry.

Why They Will Come:

Many top industry professionals use this hospitality event to highlight exciting products. which are to the market, as well as reinforce their Brand dominance and exposure, to both the public as well as vendors.. Other up and coming members of the organization, recognize the prestige and validation of the event and utilize the opportunity to share the stage with many of the top corporations from throughout the world.

Who Will Come:

With representation from Stadiums and arenas, movie theaters, race tracks, bowling and skating facilities, colleges and universities, zoos and aquariums, performing arts centers, food and beverage vendors. The list of sponsors ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum reads like a Hall of Fame for top Brands across the globe. Companies, considered “Household Names” for decades, have added their traditional stamp of approval for the annual gathering, as they do every single year.

The Invitation:

This is the “gold-embossed invitation” that is sent out, which is such a prestigious event that everyone who is anyone from these industries will attend, because they simply may never recover from not being seen.

Trade Shows About Travelling And Hospitality

Trade shows are the events where industries showcase their ideas in front of people. From the trade shows you get all information about the product or the services. In traveling and hospitality trade shows, you are able to know the recently updated destination, what other companies offer with the packages, and able to examine the opportunities. In this article we will discuss the trends what will you find at a trade show about traveling and hospitality. Here, we go:


When you are planning for a tour, vacation is the most important part that comes to your mind. In a trade show, many companies will be there, and they will be happy to guide you. They will tell you the ideal time of visiting the place that you want. According to your vacation, they customized plans for your favorite destination. They also guide you that what will be the budget for your vacation trip.

trade shows


In a trade show, as the different companies offer the same services, but hotels are one of the main parts while you are planning a trip. The companies will offer you different types of hotels that you need in your trip. They offer packages apart from the hotels. It’s your choice that how will you like to take the opportunities. The companies will suggest you the hotels according to the locations and temperature.

 Bed And Breakfasts

Bed and breakfast is a lodging facility that offers urgent accommodation. Apart from the lodging they offer breakfast with this facility. This facility is a source of secondary income for the hotels or the companies. This bed and breakfast facility categorized in two different section, such as Silver and Gold B&B. Apart from the complimentary breakfast, the guests offer with free internet facility (Wi-Fi), air conditioner, security facilities along with IP cameras, intercom,etc., in the B&B.

Some Other Trade Shows Are:

Apart from these three main facilities, some other facilities, you will also get from the trade shows. Here we will discuss two of them.

Art And Craft show

Every state and every country have their own art and craft materials, and when you are traveling, you will find different shows about the art and crafts. From this type of shows, you will get various accessories of different materials. These shows are so popular because the travelers get all kind of products from the same zone, they do not need to search for their loved ones.

Food Shows

Food is the essential part of our life. It is the main source of energy. For this reason, food shows are getting popular in the traveling and hospitality. In the food trade shows, you will get numerous numbers of foods in the same place. If the trade show occurs for some special occasion, they travelers get the chance to enjoy the food of this special occasion.

Trade shows about traveling get its popularity because people love to travel and enjoy their life in such different way. Hope this article will help you to enjoy the travel trade shows.